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——Jan 19, 2019Long Chain Metal Zipper Workshop

Long Chain Metal Zipper

We produce Long Chain Metal Zipper by 3 Main Procedures. Firstly we make Center Cord then Zipper tape lastly produce Long Chain Zipper.

How to Produce Long Chain Metal Zipper

(i). To Produce Center Cord,
You can find the different detailes between long model and short model, We have Automatic Center Cord Making Machines for 8 Heads QLQ-CC8M Automatic Zipper Centre Cord Making Machine, 12 heads QLQ-WCCM Automatic Zipper Weaving Centre Cord Machine and 16 heads QLQ-CC16M Automatic Zipper Center Cord Making Machine. You can choose according to your requirement. You will need Yarn to make center Cord. For Center core rolling we also have QLQ-CCRM Automatic Zipper Centre Cord Rolling Machine/Bobbin Machine(6 heads with 1 motor)

(ii). To Produce Zipper Tape,
Firstly you will need a zipper tape wrapper, QLQ-YWM Automatic Yarn Warping Machine can match about 15sets zipper tape machine.
If you are a bargainer,
1) At beginning of set-up, we suggest you to buy the zipper tape from our company directly for saving your invest cost at the beginning.
2) We have 8tapes, 10tapes, 12tapes for choosing. Normally, for metal and plastic zipper tape, we advise customer to choose 10tapes.

(iii). To Produce Long Chain Zipper Tape,
At this step we create Metal Zipper Teeth. Then the created teeths goes through the following processes
1. Polishing, 2. Plating, 3.Lacquering, 4. Warping
then we are ready to go.

Find more information at : Produce Metal Long Chain Zipper

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