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QLQ= Quality +Lower Cost+ Quickly

QLQ is a professional slider mould & zipper machine factory that provides a combined service in the zipper production sector.

Based on 20 years of experience in zipper manufacturing, we, QLQ can help you to set up zipper or slider factory successful with our comprehensive. We are becoming a reliable zipper manufacturing solution provider for customers from 50 countries.

Our Advantages

  • Professional

    --- Professional Our team specialized in slider mould design and manufacturing can help customers to analyze and solve the problem related to the slider running, locking and strength testing.

  • Quality Inspection

    --- Quality Inspection We can be your eyes to check your order details (for example: quality, quantity, special requirements, packing and so on) before shipment so that you can get the more guaranteed goods.

  • High Efficiency

    --- High Efficiency Once informed of what you want to produce, we will completely reply what you need, how to do and make sure you can achieve success without wasting any time in the process.

  • After-sale Service

    --- After-sale Service Engineers or technicians are frequently sent abroad for after-sale service for not only teach operation of machines but also help customers to improve production level of zipper and slider.

  • Lower Cost

    --- Lower Cost For slider mould and zipper machines, we are the factory with reasonable price with high quality product.

  • Phone


Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to help clients to earn the profit through the quick response, integrated solutions, offering guaranteed services and qualitative products from our team.

Our Values

Our Values ---Honest, Credit & Win- win

Our core values make us different brings us and clients together to establish and keep long-term & good relationship!

Welcome to visit our website, and contact us by scan following way, we are always near you to offer the best that we can do!

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