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——Jul 25, 2018QLQ Principle--Lower Cost

Q stands for "Quality" L stands for "lower cost". We are selling good quality products, QLQ can offer the most favorable price to customers, but we are not promise to offer cheaper price than others, so lower cost does not mean that our price is the cheapest. So how comes the lower cost?

1. We have customers from more than 80 countries and we are the sole export agent of some factories. We can collect all our customers' orders and negotiate with factories to get lower price.

2. Since we are professional, we can offer the better suggestions to customers for their order. For example, we know about the improved products, and can suggest customer to take better goods. If customers need to order production line, we will make it clear that are there any existing equipment in their factories can be continue using, and we will offer suitable suggestion to customers to choose the necessary machine so that customers' products and equipment are best optimizing configuration.


3. We can be customers’ representative to examine their order details including quality, quantity, special requirements packing etc. before shipment to make sure that customers get the right and good products. In this way, customers no need to do inspection personally and can get good products which helps to save cost and lower the risks for receiving bad products.

4. We can arrange shipment for goods from different factories to save shipping charges. And customers no need to contact with every factory, because we will do it for them.

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