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QLQ is a mould maker finished zipper machine factory as well as a trading company for every machine and related accessories of zipper and sliders. QLQ stands for Quality + Lower cost + Quickly. We would like to explain the meaning of our company name and company principle here.

Quality is brought about by strict and consistent commitments to certain standards that achieve uniformity of products in order to satisfy specific customer or user requirements. It is the totality of features and characteristics of product or service that bears its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs. Quality is one of the most important factors for customers to choose partners and suppliers.

As a factory owner and a trading company, we well understand that we should delivery the quality commitment in both products and service.

zipper machine factory

As for products, in our mould factory, we choose the most suitable material to make the die-casting moulds, injection moulds and pressing moulds, the most important part of the moulds are made of material from original Hitachi which is considered to be the brand with best quality material for moulds. Best quality material helps to extend the working life of the mould and spare parts, at the same time the moulds can run more smoothly and make better quality products for customers. On the other hand, all our suppliers of zipper, zipper accessories and zipper machine factories are with rich experience and can make good quality products. To ensure that our customers can get good quality products, we do not start cooperation relationship with suppliers before we know well about the factory and their products. Moreover, to ensure that all the products are delivered to customers in good condition and as per order states, we do detail examination before shipment and show the actual products condition to customers.

As for service, QLQ has a good quality team who is responsible, honest and polite. Our team will give quick response to our customers. We are always being patient and helpful once customers have any questions. We always take customers questions and problems as priority and find out the best solutions for customers.

If you are looking for good quality products and good quality service, QLQ is the right choice. If you want to know more info about QLQ, please feel free to contact us:


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