——Jul 25, 2018QLQ helped Pakistan Customer to Install Assembly Machine

QLQ manager Ms. Cathy and our slider assembly machine technician arrange a visit to Pakistan from Nov 20,2014 to Dec 04,2014 on the purpose of offer after-sale service to our customer. One of our Pakistan customers bought 10 sets Slider assembly machine for new type auto-lock slider. Our Manger and technician are there to help customers set up the machine in the workshop and teach customer's workers how to operate the machine properly.

QLQ helped Pakistan Customer to Install Assembly Machine

During these visit, Ms.Cathy and technician help customer to install the machine successfully and customer start production immediately. Customer is very happy for the result. It is very glad to see that customers use our machine to start production and full fill his continuous orders.

QLQ helped Pakistan Customer to Install Assembly Machine

We feel thankful for the trust from our customer and we are helping customer to build up the slider plating line. We have confidence that customer will satisfied with our products and service!  Contact QLQ:


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