QLQ-CC8M Automatic Zipper Centre Cord Making Machine (8 heads)

Automatic zipper centre cord making machine with 8 heads can produce the single/double twist center cord of nylon zipper (with the addition double twist frame.) And this machine price has included this twist frame price already.

Products Features Model 1 Model 2
Machine name  Automatic Zipper Center Cord Making Machine ( 8 heads ) Automatic Zipper Center Cord Making Machine ( 16 heads )
Average output  125KG/DAY 140KG/DAY
Power 50Hz, 3PH, 1.9KW 50HZ, 3PH, 3.3KW
Voltage 3800V 380V
Machine Size
1.85 * 0.7 * 1.65M 2.25*0.7*1.5M
 Weight NW: 350KG, GW: 400KG NW: 450KG, GW: 500KG
Application 1 - This Machine Produce the single CAN / Double Twist Center cordo of nylon Zipper (. The additon to Double Twist with Frame)
And the Machine. Price inculded the this has already Twist Frame. Price.

2 - Machine with Conbination of Heads. 8 and 16 Heads Of CAN Machine Produce doulbe twist centre core of plastic and metal zipper.
1 - 16 Heads of The Machine with CAN produce single Center cord of metal Plastic Zipper and Zipper.

2 -. 8 Conbination of Heads and Machine Machine with 16 Heads of CAN Produce doulbe Twist Center Core of Plastic and Metal Zipper.
Structure and princeple Be provided later Be provided later
Advantages Be provided later Be provided later
Remark 1) # 3-10 Zipper CAN Share The Same Machine
. 2) Produce This CAN. 4 kinds of Machine Center Cord (# -10 #. 3) One Time AT
. 3) of The Output of AS THESE Machine below: ( Take Zipper. 5 AS # example)
M / C with Heads. 8: 150KG / DAY
M / C with 16 Machine with Heads + Heads. 8: 150KG / DAY