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——Jan 19, 2019Long Chain Nylon Zipper Workshop

Why Nylon Zippers?

Nylon Full Chain Zippers are one of the most used types of zippers all over the world. QLQ Nylon Zippers are very much durable. We can help you to setup any Nylon zipper factory with best quality and quickly.

How to make Nylon Full Chain Zippers?

To produce it you will have to go through some processes. Like Producing Center Cord, Producing Zipper Tape. Then You will be Ready to produce Long Chain Zipper.

At Beginning Of Set-Up, We Suggest You To Buy The Zipper Tape From Our Company Directly For Saving Your Invest Cost At The Beginning.

Some of Our Clients

We have clients from all over the world. We are happy to assist them with our high quality Machines and chemical.

From India

Video During Working With QLQ coil forming machine

We Have Standard Model And Big Bobbin Model For Customer Choosing.The Coils are produced from left and right side of the machine. It creates nylon Zipper Monofilament chain.

From Iran

To Produce Different Size Of Center Cord, You Need The Yarn In Different Size.

From Turkey

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