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Zinc slider making machine and moulds +more
Long-chain nylon zipper making machine +more
Plastic slider making machine and moulds +more

Welcome to

Guangzhou QLQ Enterprise

Zipper Machine Slider Moulds Company

QLQ means Quality + Lower Cost + Quickly.
We, QLQ, are a mould factory, zipper machine factory as well as an accessories trading company for everything related to zipper and slider.
We’d like to introduce our advantages to you as followings:
1. Professional: We have been in zipper and slider business line since 2002 and most of our cooperating factories have more than 15 years of experience in this field. We can suggest you which product is new and more suitable for your requirement. And how to found one new zipper or slider factory.  
2. High Efficiency: You don't need to contact every supplier by yourselves; you just need to contact us. We can handle all things related to zipper and slider business line for you to save your time and cost. 
3. Lower Cost: For slider mould and zipper machines, we are the factory with reasonable price. For long-chain zipper, slider, and other accessories, as we have customers from more than 40 countries and our total order quantity is huge, we can collect all our clients' orders to negotiate with factories for getting lower price for you. We can make one time shipment with several factories' goods for you so that you can save some shipment charges. There is no need for you to worry about how to arrange these goods from different factories, and there is no need for you to pay several times bank handling charges for different factories.
 4. Quality Inspection: We can be your representative to check your order details (for example: quantity, quality, special requirements, packing and so on) in every factory before shipment. 
5. After-sell Service: we can arrange technicians to your country for teaching your technician how to use our machines and give you some suggest for improving your zipper quality.
Based on our company business rule: “To earn customer’s heart by honesty and good credit is more important than earning profit”, we are sure that you will be satisfied with us and establish longtime and good relationship with us.  
In the end, thanks for all of old and new customer's trust and support. 

Company profile


ZipperQLQ Machine Slider Moulds Manufacturer  

Business type

 mould factory, zipper machine factory as well as an accessories trading company for everything related to zipper and slider

Main export product(s)

1-We are making various die-casting mould, injection mould and pressing mould with original Japanese Hitachi material or other material. 
2-We are factory of zipper making machine.
3-We can supply all the accessories and raw materials related to zipper and sliders including various zippers, various sliders and their related spare parts etc.

Main export markt(s)

We do business with customers from more than 50 countries from all over the world, for example: Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Pakistan, Turkey, Argentina, Poland, Italy, Indonesia, Vietnam and so on.

Approval/ certification


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