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——Jun 22, 2019Zippers And Accessories

Welcome to buy the spare parts of zipper or slider machine from QLQ #zipper_slider_machines

Zipper sewing machine(this photo show 2 sets)QLQ-NLSM #QLQ_Zipper_machine_factory

Zipper Machine Metal Zipper Plating shiny gun #ZipperPlatingMachine

Monofilament Manufacturing Machine QLQ-MMM #Zipper Manufacturer

Zipper top stop "U" type and "Europe" type #Zipper_Slider_Spare_parts

N5 Non lock Slider Body Mould-QLQ Zipper Slider Mould

Semi auto metal zipper box fixing machine QLQ-SBMM #Zipper_Machine_Factory #Pinbox

Testing Zipper Strength by Test Machine QLQ-Zipper slider machine#zipper_machines

Confirm injected top stop model with customer 2 QLQ #Plastic_Zipper_Mould

Testing Zinc Slider with Brass Puller by Slider Torsion Test Machine QLQ-Zipper slider machine

The production line for Metal long-chain zipper machines Provided by #QLQFactory

Metal zipper mirror face polishing Machine cotton tape #metalzipperpolishingmachine

Factory for QLQ Zipper Sewing Machine QLQ-NLSM #Zipper_machine #Slider_machine

Waterproof Long chain Zipper factory #Waterproof_zipper

Zipper centre core manufacturing machine (8 bobbin)QLQ-CC8M #QLQ#Long-chain-zipper _machine

Metal zipper polishing machine(single side,10 pcs wheels) QLQ #metalzipperpolishingmachine

QLQ-Automatic Waterproof Zipper Middle Separating Machine QLQ-WZSM

QLQ long chain zipper factory #Zipper_Machine #long_chain_zipper

Semi-auto Metal Zipper Wire Bottom Stop Machine QLQ-SHBSM #zipper_making_machines

QLQ No.3 Invisible long chain zipper 1.2kg 100meters dyeing #Invisible_zipper
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