——Dec 09, 2021How to make nylon open-end finished zipper

Here is the drawing process of whole sets of machines


Step-1. Zipper Gapping

1) -Model No.: QLQ-NDGM-1
2) -Output: 3800PCS/60CM/H

Video Description:


Step 2 :  Zipper Film Sealing

1) -Model No.: QLQ-UFSM
2) -Output: 1800PCS/18CM/H

Video Description:


Step 3 :  Zipper Hole Punching 

1) - Model No.: QLQ-HPM
2) -Output: 3800PCS/60CM/H

Video Description:


Step 4 : Zipper Pin Box Fixing Machine

1) -Model No.: Q LQ-PBMM
2) -Output: 1400pcs/60CM/H

Video Description:


Step 5 :  Zipper Slider Mounting Machine

1)-Model No.: QLQ-SMM
2)-Output: 3500PCS/18CM/H

Video Description:


Step 6 :  Zipper Top Stop Machine

1) -Model No.: QLQ-TSM
2) -Output: 2500PCS/18CM/H

Video Description:


Step 7 :  Zipper Cutting Machine

1) -Model No.: QLQ-OCM-3
2) -Output: 2300PCS/60CM/H

Video Description:


Above are the recommended machines. Some machines have different models for options. Please kindly find their details and video links from below excel sheet.

Our company also supply guaranteed quality raw material for open-end zipper manufacturing with competitive price. Please see below picture:

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We will be on after-sales service for you all the machine's whole life after you buy our machines, you can contact us anytime when there have any problems for machines. We will offer you all the machine technical suggestion and help you to solve the problems by video talking or e-mail and other way.



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