——Nov 05, 2018What is a hot chamber die casting machine?

A hot chamber die casting machine is mainly used for zinc and other low-melting point alloys which do not easily corrode the metal pot, cylinder and plunger. In a hot chamber machine, molten metal is automatically supplied to the die cast machine through a "gooseneck" that is submerged in furnace full of molten metal. At the beginning of the cycle, a piston is retracted, allowing the gooseneck to fill with molten metal. The piston is activated and metal is plunged through the gooseneck and into the die. After the metal has solidified, the plunger is withdrawn, the die opens, and the casting part is ejected.

hot chamber die casting machine

Hot chamber machine is rapid in operation. The cycle times vary from less than one second for small part weighing less than 28.35 grams, to thirty seconds for a casting of more than one kilogram. Normally dies are filled between five and forty milliseconds. The metal is injected at high pressures (from 1,500 to 4,500 psi or above). Nowadays the modern technology gives close control over these values, thus making castings with fine detail, close tolerances and high strength. Our die casting machines are hydraulically operated and equipped with automatic cycling controls and safety devices.

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