——Jun 21, 2019Setting Up Metal Zipper Factory

Metal Zippers are most used zippers all over the world. It is attractive because of its outlook and long lastingness. It increases beauty of any components where it used. Also, it gives a lot of customization options over plating process using different plating machines or chemicals. Like we can make it different colors Like Gun Color, Nickel Color, Anti Brass Color Etc. It will make the zipper more attractive and long lasting.

metal zipper production

In QLQ Company we offer world class metal zipper which is composed utilizing incomparable quality material and imaginative innovation. Our Zippers are exceedingly recognized for its remarkable completion and solidness.

1. Creating Center Cord using Brass/Copper wire:

You Can buy High Quality Center Cord or Brass/Copper wire from outside market. If your company is a startup company. It would make the cost less for initial stage.

2. Creating Zipper Tape:
You Can buy Good Quality Zipper Tape from Outside Market. For metal zipper if the tape quality is not so good, The zipper might not be that much long lasting.

Zipper Tapes.

3. Long Chain Metal Zipper Production:

After making or buying the Center Cord and Zipper tape we are ready to go for the Long Chain Metal zipper production. This process contains some sub-steps like making metal zipper teeth, metal zipper polishing, zipper plating, zipper lacquering, zipper wrapping etc. We will discuss about every points with required machines below:

3.1-Making Metal Zipper Teeth:

Metal zippers, usually made from aluminum, zinc alloy, brass, etc., are preferred for pants, jackets, leather shoes and bags on account of their cost. Types.

1. Normal Teeth:

Normal Teeth Zippers has rounded corner in its teeth edges. It is very common in use. We normally use it in Jackets, Shoes, Bags etc.

Figure: Metal Zipper Normal Teeth

2. Y Teeth

Y-cut teeth that look like rectangles in appearance have sharper lines. Compared with other types of metal zipper, they feature better quality and higher production efficiency,

Figure: Metal Zipper Y Teeth

3. Swiss Teeth

Swiss teeth zippers which are also called European teeth zippers provide higher strength and are popular in Europe. Having a very shiny luxurious look with well-polished teeth, they are generally applied to high-end clothing and handbag collections to create a fashion statement.

Figure: Metal Zipper Swiss teeth

4. Corn Teeth

Corn teeth zippers are featured with corn-like teeth placed on both sides of the tape at regular intervals. The teeth are wider and better polished in terms of appearance, creating a luxury feeling for the items they are attached to.

Figure: Metal Zipper Corn Teeth

Materials : We will require the zipper tape we have created in previously.

You can buy zipper teeth wire from outside market to make those zipper teeth in the zipper. Brass Wire Provided by us to make different

Metal Zipper Teeth.

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