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——Jun 21, 2019Setting Up a Zipper factory

Setting Up Zipper Factory

If you are thinking of setting up any kind of business and get revenue in a small time. Zipper business is one of those. It is a very simple process that allows you to start your production in the smallest time and making money. So, let us have some inside of the Zipper business.

You can find varieties of zipper business in the world. The zipper is a component that is very useful in day to day life. So the demand for zippers all over the world, increasing day by day.

There are a lot of brands which produce quality zippers and well known all over the world. But the industries always ready to welcome any new production factories which can fulfill their demand with a reasonable price range.

Setting Up The Goal

There are several types of zippers. So you will have to find out which type of zipper you want to produce. There are Several types of zippers like

1. Metal Zippers

2. Plastic zippers

3. Nylon zipper

4. Invisible zippers

All of those zippers are different in qualities and usage. Different zippers have different areas of application. SO you will have to find out in which area you want to use your produced zippers.

Making The Cost Estimation

After selecting one or multiple types of zippers, you will have to estimate the cost of buying zipper machines and materials. The cost will definitely depend on the type of zipper you want to produce. For example, the production cost of Pant Zipper and luggage zipper Will be different for sure.

So after deciding the types of the zipper, you want to produce, You will have to look into the market to find out the machine prices. You will also need to be more careful about machine functionalities. Because each of the machines designed and developed to Do different works. So you will have to be more careful and choose the most appropriate one for your business.

Here in QLQ Company, we provide you quality zipper machines, materials, and chemicals at affordable prices. We also provide after sales services as well as installation assistance, if our clients face any issue.


Starting Your Production

So I hope at this stage you have bought the machines and materials and installed in your factory. Now you are ready to make zippers.  The physical components of the zipper consist of five different portions, each being made from different materials.

The 5 Parts are:

1. Zipper Tape

2. Zipper Teeth

3. Zipper Slider

4. Zipper Top Stop/ Bottom Stop

The zipper itself is constructed of the tapes, the part of the zipper that gets sewn into a garment, the teeth, which are attached to the tapes on the inside. The teeth are built from different injection molds.  the slider which opens and closes the zipper with the help of an attached tab and the stops to ensure that the slider does not fall off the zipper on the top and bottom (Secrest). These components are each made of differing materials and depend heavily on what the zipper will primarily be used for, like jackets versus jeans. There are also many different styles of zippers including the metal chain, the plastic molded chain and the coil chain (All about zippers). Most zippers are either made of a combination of metals with plastic like tape or are simply completely made of different plastics. Metal zippers are usually the most common type of zipper.


Zippers are available in a range of sizes such as 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, etc., which are industry standards and does not imitate any dimensions of zipper, however, the larger the zipper size, the stronger the zipper. Zipper length denotes the length of the zipper among the topmost point of the top stop and the bottom-most point of the bottom stop.

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