——Jun 21, 2019QLQ Chemicals for Anti-Silver Color in Zipper Plating

1. Zipper Plating is a very common and widely used process for making any zipper look fantastic and colorful. We can plate it zipper in two ways. 1. Electroplate Way we also call it Hot Plating and 2. Manually or Machine Plating we also call It Cool Plating (Also known as Dipping Way) in this article we will discuss about how to make Shiny Gun Color using Dipping Way.

What is Dipping Way?

1. Dipping ways is not really electroplating, it only uses chemical for oxidation to let brass become other color.

2. Dipping way can be done by hand or by machine.

3. By machine dipping plating, there are some advantage:

        3.1. It can save chemical wastage, it is about 30% chemical waste saving per meter.

        3.2. Making the color more stable and faster.  

        3.3. After finished the plating, also not need to throw away chemical, it can be for next time plating.

        3.4. Normal worker also can make it, you don't need special plating technician, the machine has been designed to make this color, just open machine and put chemical inside, then, machine running, color is coming out.

4. By hand dipping is for small quantity and under the situation without machine. Sometimes, customer order is not too much, you also don't have this color machine, then you should use by hand dipping way.

5. In future, everybody would be started liking to choose by machine dipping. it will be better and more competitive.

For this Article We will use Machine Dipping Process.

Machine Used

We will use QLQ Cool Plating Machine Called QLQ-CCPMD Automatic Metal Zipper Chemical Cold Plating Machine (with two chemical tanks, have economic model & reinforced model for choosing)


The machine is used to plate anti silver color on metal zipper, and it also can be used to plate anti brass and nickel color for metal zippers. The machine is used to plate anti silver color on metal zipper, and it also can be used to Plate anti-brake and nickel color for metal zippers, having functions of automatic oil cleaning, color fixing, twice color plating, several washing and dewatering. Zipper After polished and plated by this machine can be ironed and applied lacquer directly. Process is needed.

Machine Body Materials:

The tank body of this machine is made from imported anti-corrosive PP materials, and all steel parts are made from stainless steel 316# and 304#, and the electrical components are mainly from Schneider. Customer can choose steam or electrical heating system and ultrasonic Oil cleaning system according to space situation. This machine has chemical collection system, tension control system and chemicals high pressure spraying coloring system.

Advantages :

1. This machine adds color fixing process based on traditional anti silver plating process, making plated color more stable with better color fastness.

2. User can adjust tape running way to achieve one machine available for plating colors including anti silver, anti-brass and nickel. Kido eita

3. Flap wheels mixing system and air mixing system are added in the tank, making faster and more even plating and cleaner after washing.

4. High pressure spraying system can wash the remaining chemicals on tape more clean, preventing tape discoloring and saving 20%-30% water.

5. Scientific tension system can effectively control the industry difficulty of scratching plated coating by too tight tension and zipper winds around the main shaft by too loose tension.

6. Chemical collection system can be chosen. Collecting chemicals on the tape for recycling can stop wasting and decrease the cost for pollution process.

7. According to investigation data, using our automatic plating machine in pre-process (chain zipper process) can save laboring 30%-50%, and improve efficiency 20%-30% in after-process (finished zipper process).

8. To make sure machine body will not be deformed and better for transportation, the machine is divided into two parts.

9. All excellent materials from famous branded suppliers at home and abroad makes quality guarantee coefficient increased 5 times.

The Process


Process Short Forms



Some of the important processes with descriptions

Machines Needed:  
QLQ-CCPMD Automatic Metal Zipper Chemical Cold Plating Machine(with two chemical tanks, have economic model & reinforced model for choosing)

Chemical Needed:

1. QLQ-21A

2. QLQ-21B

3. Water

4. Soda Water (Soda:60-80g, Water:3L)

5. Oil Remover (Washing powder: 100g, Sodium Cyanide: 6g, Water: 3L)

Oil Remove

Duration: 2 minutes.

First, the Zipper goes through the Oil Cleaning or Oil Removing Process which removes oil from the teeth of the zippers, If the metal zipper is after shine coil plating then no need to remove oil from it. We will use the Oil Remover Solution for this To making Oil Remover Solution we will need Washing powder:100grams. and Sodium Cyanide:6grams. for every 3L of water.

Dipping with Anti-Brass Chemical from QLQ

Duration: 15-60 Seconds

After Oil Degreasing Process, The Zipper will go through washing tank. Then we are ready for Dipping with Anti-Brass Chemicals. For This We will have to Mix our Anti Brass Chemicals in a fixed ratio. The amount will be the following form:

Chemical Name Ratio

After the Anti-Brass Process the Zippers will again go through cleaning tanks.

QLQ Nickel Chemical:

Duration: 30-40seconds

After taking the zipper out from the Gun Color Chemical, we will have to wash it very well with water. Then we will send it through QLQ Nickel Chemical.

We will do it about 15-20 seconds. It will depend on how well the anti-silver color coming out. After that It will go through the Neutralization Tank, we will again go through the 3 times washing process with water. Finally you will Get this anti-silver color as a result.

If you do not want to use the Dipping Way, We have Automatic Zipper Plating Machines for You. Please feel free to contact us for any kind of information. Thank You.

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