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  • Automatic Nylon & Invisible Zipper Ironing Machine

QLQ-NIIM Automatic Nylon & Invisible Zipper Ironing Machine (one chamber)

Summary: This automatic nylon & invisible zipper ironing machine can produce four zippers at the same time.

Machine Information

Model No.: QLQ-NIIM

Output: forming 3000-4000Y/H, ironing 1500Y/H

Power: 380V, 50HZ, 3PH, 10KW

M/C size: 3.2*0.65*2M

Packing size: 3.57*0.85*2.11M

NW: 716KG, GW: 868KG


1. This machine can produce four zippers at the same time, users can select two 3# and two 5# or other requirements when ordering.

2. Each tape has independent tension control system, it can control expansion rate and finalizing effect of each zipper.

3. The air supply of this machine is window-blinds so that the air can be blown to every corner of the oven to make sure that the temperature of everywhere in the oven is uniform.

4. Before doing the invisible zipper, there are four tape separating clamps for finalizing the zipper, which can control the zipper twist.


Our factory also has other model which is of single chamber and 3 lines zipper, or 2lines zipper. However, normally customer will choose 4 lines because the cost performance is higher.