——Nov 05, 2018How About Die Casting Mould of QLQ?

If customer wants to buy the die casting mould from our factory, we need following information from customer:

1) Please tell to me which kind of slider and what is the size that customer need to make. For example: 3# Nylon auto-lock slider, 5# Nylon non-lock slider.

2) Please offer your machine’s parameter. We will send one machine size to customer for customer understanding which size that we need.

Die Casting Mould

3) Slider samples which customer need to make the slider mould

According to above information, our engineer will calculate how many cavities that we can make for one set mould. Once customers confirm the order, we will make and send the mould drawing to customer for confirmation.

QLQ is a professional slider mould & zipper machine factory that provides a combined service in the zipper production sector. If you want to know more info about die casting mould, please feel free to contact us:


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