——Jul 25, 2018High Precision Press Stamping Machine from QLQ

1.What is a press stamping machine?

A stamping press machine is a metal piece making machine used for shaping or cutting metal by deforming it with dies. The precision made male and female dies that dictate the shape of the finished products. Usually a press machine has a bolster plate, and a ram/slide. The bolster plate is mounted on top of the press bed. It is a large block of metal upon which the bottom portion of a die is clamped. The bolster plate is stationary. The ram/slide is the moving or reciprocating part that the upper die is mounted to.

2.How to classify press stamping machine?

A: Mechanism classification: hydraulic, mechanical, pneumatic

B: Function classification: forging presses, stamping presses, press brakes, punch press, etc.

C: Structure classification: Knuckle-joint press, screw press

D: Controllability classification: conventional, servo-presses

3.What products is the press stamping machine mainly used to manufacture?

The high precision pressing machine is suitable to make the terminal, stator, rotor, button, eyelet and other metal parts with high speed pressing. Widely used in LED, automobile industry, appliances manufacturing, medical apparatus and instruments, hardware & metal parts industry. Our press stamping machine is mainly used to produce YG slider body, slider spring(for YG slider/auto-lock slider), slider puller(for YG slider/other sliders), slider needle(Y shape/C shape), iron hook, flat/middle puller, or others zipper/slider realated parts same as per customer’s requirements.

QLQ Mould Factory

4.Advantages of QLQ pressing stamping machine

QLQ pressing machine models:

Normal automatic pressing machine: QLQ-NPM10(10 tons)/QLQ-NPM16(16 tons)

Normal automatic pressing machine: QLQ-NPM25(25 tons)/QLQ-NPM80(80 tons)

High speed automatic pressing machine: QLQ-HPM20(20 tons)/QLQ-NPM30(30 tons)

High speed automatic pressing machine: QLQ-APM16(16 tons)/QLQ-APM25(25 tons), these two models are pneumatic and must be operated with air compressor.

Feature, advantage and benefit:

Our heavy-duty design and construction of machine is made of quality steel. (The steel is with heat treatment and tension elimination, which enhance stability and reliability for power pressing. )

The symmetrical design of the machine make it run stablely and smoothly.

Well-designed electrical circuit design complied with European standards.

The precision of mold is up to 0.1mm.

High quality, reliable and standard components are adopted.

Attractive price and prompt delivery

The high production rate and high-quality pressing product help you to reduce the production cost.

Maintenance-friendly thanks to the easy accessibility of all components

5.Peripheral devices for press stamping machine

Material feeding device(roller system, maximum wire thickness:1.6mm, width:100mm, distance for sending material:50mm);

Material feeding device(numerical control type);

Wire frame(vertical system without transducer and electronic ruler, wire maximum weight:200KG);

Wire frame(horizontal sytem with transducer and electronic ruler)

Automatic metal waster wire crushing machine;

Drop oiler(for cooling wire material)

6.What pressing moulds does QLQ mould factory specialize in?

YG slider body mould(old type/new type); YG slider spring mould; YG slider puller mould; Slider needle mould/Monkey mould (both 3 cavities/mould and 5 cavities/mould are available); Slider spring mould(spring used for auto-lock slider); Iron hook mould; Flat/middle puller mould; Other slider puller mould, And we can also supply the slider needle mould spare parts.

QLQ is a professional slider mould & zipper machine factory that provides a combined service in the zipper production sector. Please feel free to contact us to get more info:


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