——Jul 25, 2018Frequently Asked Questions of QLQ

What are your main products?

QLQ is a manufacturer of die-casting mould, injection mould and finished zipper making machine and exporting zipper machines and all kinds of accessories related to zippers and sliders to more than 30 countries.

How about is your after-sale service?

We can send our technicians abroad to train your workers and give you technical support.

Frequently Asked Questions of QLQ

What is your delivery time?

Normally, a month is required for production. However, different products might need different time of production, thus, please contact with us for more specific information.

How do I purchase your goods?

You just need to send the enquiry email to us, all your enquiries will be responded quickly by our experienced sales, they will tell you how to do step by step. All your questions can be solved easily while excellent after-sales services supplied.

Please feel free to contact us to get more info:


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