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  • Automatic Nylon & Invisible Zipper Ironing Machine

QLQ-NIIM2 Automatic Nylon & Invisible Zipper Ironing Machine (two chambers)

Summary: This new type automatic nylon & invisible zipper ironing machine can iron both nylon zipper and invisible zipper with 2 lines.

Machine Information

Model No.: QLQ-NIIM2

Output: Tape 400kg/10H, zipper 850kg/10H

Power: 380V,50HZ,3PH, 48kw+3kw

M/C size: 3.5*2.4*2.5M

Packing size: 3.5*2.4*2.5M

N.W.: 2500KG, G.W.: 2500KG


This new type machine can iron both nylon zipper and invisible zipper with 2 lines. Customer can choose one line for 3#, 5# zipper. One line for 8#, 10# zipper. As the zipper-out pass wheel with groove, so we will install two sets of different sizes of wheels for each line. For example: now customer one line iron 3#, other line iron 8#, now they want to iron one line for 5# zipper, other line for 10# zipper, then technician just takes the zipper to match wheel.


The advantage of Two-in-One Nylon and Invisible Zipper Automatic Ironing Machine (New Model):

1) This machine adopts two ovens which are completely separated and uses up & down tape running way. Moisture of plated zipper or washed zipper is completely dried in the first oven. The steam with oil fume is discharged rapidly. Zipper is finalized in a good environment without oil fumes or steam in the second oven, which makes sure zipper will not discolor and guarantee color fastness and shrinkage rate effectively.

2) High output: forming 4500Y/H, ironing 3000Y/H.

3) The running length of each zipper in the oven is up to around 150m, which effectively ensures finalizing effect and output.